VACUULUS 1.2.2 Update!


-fixed a fatal issue with hints caused by last update
-can no longer put up toys through the wall
-VMan no longer completely wigs out if you decide to lock yourself in a room with him
-fixed extremely rare bug where VMan will ignore doors and chase you right through them
-strongly reduced likelihood that you'll go through walls during a death sequence

v1.2.1 HOTFIX:
-adjusted credits yet again
-chase music now resets when VMan disappears
-fixed longstanding bug where after doing certain things, the player could take objects with them into hiding spots
-refined door code slightly
-objects no longer are ungrabbable when they are near or under a door, as well as are now pushed out from doors intuitively.
-camera shake code refined
-noise makers adjusted for game balance
-fixed oddly common bug where vital object hints were not showing
-removed the hints toggle from options to prevent further confusion. if you don't want hints, play on hard mode!
-noise makers will cancel if being played over blackout cutscene
-the noise maker music cue now only sounds off once per noisemaker event


VACUULUS_Demo_1.2.2.rar 255 MB
Sep 21, 2020


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