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Do Your Chores or Meet Uncle VACCULUS! @Parimak94 Your a Genius! VACCULUS will now become worst NIGHTMARES! 


nice bro

thanks bro



Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (I managed to beat the game on normal and I'm proud)) Though, after finishing my recording session, I cried in the corner for like 20 minutes (jk)


1. That was so scary I literally panicked for 40 minutes straight. The music and the monster create such a terrifying and powerful ambiance! The way the player can hear the monster stomping behind doors is so cool! The game scared me so much! But I managed to finish it (normal difficulty) and I'm proud!

2. I love the concept! It's very cool that the player has only 1 life - that makes the game challenging. Don't frick up or you're dead. I love that! Also, the way the electronic stuff can go cray cray any time is also cool and the story of having to clean the house is original, new and surprisingly terrifying!

3. I LOVE that when I got used to mechanics and monster's behaviour, the game completely changed the rules! I have a feeling that the monster could see the light of the flashlight, is that true? If it is, it would be extremely useful to be able to turn it off!


1. There were some bugs which is OK for demo. Once I had an animation of peeping behind the door but the door stayed closed.

2. Please, can you add a tutorial before the game starts with screenshots. Like if the car starts yelling come closer to it and do this, for a short amount of time you are safe. Don't get me wrong: in-game hints were also useful. But at first after seeing the monster, my panic mode activated and I was too afraid to waste my time on reading so i had to die several times before actually getting to read the tutorial hints.

3. It's so confusing going in and out of the closet and through doors. It feels like you get turned around which is a bit funky and disorianting.

4. The arrow up top at first is confusing. It's hard to see whether it's pointing forwards or backwards.


The game is AWESOME! SO scary. 100/5! It still needs some polish and a tutorial with screenshots before the game starts, though. Also, I completely didn't get the point of interacting or investigating objects. Which objects and why? It feels like I never did that cuz wuz panicking too much - maybe it would be cool to make these interactions more important for winning or getting good end or some stuff like that. Oh, also, will the upstairs be available in the full version? I'm curious!

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thank you for the detailed feedback! You're not the first to mention a tutorial as well as your other concerns so I've definitely noted that for the future! Upstairs and more will be in the full version, and the pics/inspectables are for extra lore and character building for the players that enjoy that stuff! 

Thank you for the kind words and thank you for playing!! Happy you liked it!


Help Mom!

This is one of the games I enjoy playing and scared at the same time. The vacuum robot is hard and very sensitive even in normal mode. Thankfully if you remember the safe position you can usually out run it to hide! I did however encountered a glitch? My screen is all dark at the end and I couldn't do anything. I'll play again tonight and try to figure it out! 

If you stay in a room too long, the game punishes you and the lights short out temporarily, that was no bug! I'll note that I need to explain that clearer in the future!

Glad you're enjoying it and thanks for playing!

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hope version console ps4 this game

That would be cool!! I'm exploring releasing on other platforms


If I were to describe this game, I would say its a cross between Alien Isolation and a house cleaning sim. Unlike your average cleaning sims though, this game is pretty intense, and that's mostly due to the well-crafted atmosphere combined with the killer soundtrack. The horror aspect of the gameplay is solid as well, where you are tasked to sneak around the enemy while cleaning the house, leading to some very close for comfort encounters with the Vacuum Man. For challenge,  I rarely felt like my deaths were unfair, and, after a couple of tries (around 2 hours of dying haha) I was able to come up with a strategy to beat it on both normal and hard difficulties. I'm really hyped for this game, and I cannot wait for the final release. 

Thank you dude <3


Gave it a go, lot of things that I feel could be polished/fixed/better, my complaints/criticisms and gameplay can be seen here. I can tell there's a good amount of work and effort and talent put into this, can't wait to see its perfected form 





To those who love horror games, then this game is really for you. The atmosphere suits the intro cutscene story, and immerses you almost immediately with it being first-person, and it puts you in so many tense situations with its sneaking mechanics as you achieve your goal—

...Long story short—let’s just say you need a lot of courage to get through it in a single go...Or even to leave the starting room. Oh, and you will be afraid of the Vacuum Man—Ik for a fact I am—


I did it in without any death. :)


So happy you liked it! Thank you man :>


One game session later and I'm afraid of the Vacuum Man!

Tense and stressful atmosphere, and challenging gameplay!

Then my work here is done! Thanks for playing!


Amazing game dev and extremely hard , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :)  

I'll give it a watch! Thanks for playing!


This game is challenging but I did it on one go. :)) 

That's certainly one way to do it lol, now try hard mode where that strat doesn't quite fly! haha

Lets see :) 


Terrifying, nice intro and graphics etc! Not for the squemish, like me!


the squeamish should give a try anyway ;)

Haha, indeed they should buddy, indeed they should! 

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